Benefits of TAPfit

There are many benefits to a TAPfit workout.  During the session you will burn calories and increase muscle power, co-ordination, flexibility and balance, all while having a blast! A client recently mentioned she was 'saving a fortune' as she no longer needed to see a physiotherapist!

Not only is TAPfit good for your health and fitness it's also good for your brain!  TAPfit has inspired the world’s first university research on the cognitive benefits of tap dancing.  TAPfit is unique because the combinations of both aerobic exercise and complex activity have different beneficial effects on the brain.

In 2016 Lisa Koba, TAPfit Melbourne Instructor worked closely with La Trobe University physiotherapist Professor Meg Morris on what she describes as the world’s first, in-depth bio-mechanical analysis of tap dancing and its effectiveness as a therapy tool — particularly effects on coordination, movement, timing and mobility.  The trial explored the correlation between tap dancing and improved motor performance, life quality and well being in individuals of varying movement abilities. Professor Meg Morris has previously conducted studies on the benefits of Argentine Tango and Irish Set dancing in Venice Italy for Parkinson’s patients.  The tap research findings are due to be released mid 2017.

“This is the first time we’ve looked at tap dancing and we’ve realised its potential. It is part of a much bigger picture, further cognitive dance studies may unearth intricacies in what way the brain controls movement and how disease suffers are unlocked by dance,” Professor Morris said. “Tap dancing requires you to learn short routines, so you have to think about movement, sequence and have to do the steps in a certain order.

In April 2017 Lisa connected with The Umbrella Dementia Cafe in Melbourne and currently holds dance and movement classes for community members living with dementia, care giving couples and their families to assist in connection through dance. Research has proven that dancing helps improve energy levels, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Dance is food for the body, mind and spirit.  Contact us for further information or to organise a therapy dance and movement session.

Other research done at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York have discovered that while many aerobic activities offered cardio benefits, dancing reduced the effects of cognitive decline by 76%.

Train your body and your brain with TAPfit. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW FOR A TAPfit WORKOUT NOW!