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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a TAPfit workout run for?
A TAPfit session runs for 45 minutes.  We suggest you arrive 5-10 minutes before 'kick off'. 

How much does a TAPfit workout cost?
Information regarding pricing can be found here http://www.tapfitmelb.com.au/pricing.
You are welcome to pay causally, but you can also be a step ahead (pun intended) and purchase a 6 Class Pass ONLINE NOW.  Price includes the use of our fee beats, that slip over your training shoes and all equipment required during the workout.  

What is Low Impact TAPfit? (currently only offered from our Box Hill location)
Come and learn a new skill in a TAPfit tap dancing exercise class (this session is customised for brand new tap dancers, or people looking for a low impact option).  In the sessions we will break down the basics of tap and have a great time mastering a new amazing skill.  All equipment is provided including patented technology 'TAP attachments’ that simply slip over your existing training shoes (yes they are as cool as they sound!)  

What is JUST TAP
JUST TAP is a 30 minute tap class for experienced tappers, this is NOT a class for beginners.  Make sure you bring along your much loved tap shoes (if you have them!) and be ready to master a new timestep or two.  Contact us for further information or to register for a JUST TAP class.

Do I need to enrol/sign up/reserve a spot?
Yes... we need to make sure there is availability in the class.  RESERVE A SPOT IN YOUR LOCAL CLASS NOW!

What do I wear?
It's best to wear comfortable exercise clothing that won't restrict your movements and your training shoes/sneakers.

What do I bring?
A towel, a water bottle and a great big smile.  Maybe bring a friend, they do say 'friends that workout together, stay together'.

Do I need my own pair of tap shoes?
No, tap shoes are not required for a TAPfit workout.  Included in the class cost is the use of our feet beats which slip over your training shoes. Feet beats can also be purchased separately if you would like to have your own pair.

I have my own tap shoes, can I wear those?
Yes of course put those wonderful tap shoes back on, click your heels 3 times and it will feel just like going home!  Being a cardio class we have found that a training shoe/sneaker with our TAP attachment offers better support that a traditional tap shoe, but you are more than welcome to wear whatever tickles your fancy!

What can I expect?
TAPfit is a cardio fitness class fused with a tap dancing class.  We won't be mastering wings or pickups in a TAPfit class, but we will work towards mastering a tricky tap combination (practice makes perfect).  Be prepared to burn calories, learn the fundamentals of TAPfit, sweat, get fit and have fun.

What if I have never tap danced before, can I still do TAPfit?
Yes you sure can!  You don't need to know how to tap to take part in a TAPfit workout. It is suitable for all levels and all ages, you can even do TAPfit if you have 2 left feet! There is nothing like learning and mastering a new skill.

What if I haven't done a tap class for a long time, is TAPfit for me?
It sure is!  You will be amazed at how much your body (and feet) will remember.  Your love for tap dancing will return very quickly, it will feel like 'going to your happy place'.

Is TAPfit coming to other areas of Melbourne?
Yes TAPfit will be coming to more suburbs across Melbourne.  Contact us if you would like to request TAPfit in your local area.

The temperature is going to reach 40 degrees tomorrow will classes go ahead?
To honour our duty of care to you our clients TAPfit sessions will be cancelled if the temperature reaches 40 degrees and above to ensure your safety. This will be determined by the Bureau of Meteorology and clients will be advised my text of any cancellations.  If you are unsure please contact Lisa.