HELLO AND WELCOME!  here is TAPfit in a nutshell...

TAPfit is specially designed cardio workout that fuses tap dancing, cardio and resistance training to burn calories, and increase muscle power, co-ordination, flexibility and balance.  The workout is suitable for all ages and levels, experience in tap dancing is not required.

We currently hold classes throughout Melbourne including Box Hill, Canterbury, Essendon,  Ringwood, Blackburn and Chadstone. With more locations coming soon, be sure to Join the LIST for the latest (and greatest) TAPfit information! 

A Melbourne class timetable and pricing information can be found here..

Here is rundown of what to expect...  A TAPfit workout class runs for 45 minutes (we suggest you arrive 5-10 minutes before 'kick off'). A class costs $19 per casual class or $100 for a 6 class pass. We suggest you wear comfortable exercise clothing and remember to bring a water bottle. 

Tap shoes are not required as we provide all the equipment required including patented technology 'TAP attachments’ that simply slip over your existing training shoes (yes they are as cool as they sound!)

Super simple and incredibly fun!  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, happy to help! 


Oh and just in case you weren't yet convinced... not only is TAPfit good for your health and fitness it's also good for your brain!  University studies have discovered that while many aerobic activities offered cardio benefits, dancing reduces the effects of cognitive decline by 76%!

See TAPfit in Action!