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What is TAPfit?

TAPfit is a total body tap dance cardio fitness workout class.  The class combines tap dancing, cardio and resistance training to burn calories, increase muscle power, co-ordination, flexibility and balance.

The specifically designed workout has low impact alternatives. You don't necessarily need experience in tap dancing to take part in a TAPfit workout.  It is suitable for all ages and levels, you can do TAPfit even if you have 2 left feet!

New for October 2018 we are offering a INTRO to TAPfit (Low Impact) session, these 30 minute sessions will give you a basic understanding of TAP and the benefits of TAP without any jumping or bouncing.

The TAPfit Workout

A workout class runs for 45 minutes and focuses on a different style every couple of weeks.  Current styles include Broadway, Hollywood, Latin, street, urban, classic, funk, swing, current hot hits and strengthen and stretch.

TAPfit tones, strengthens, shapes and defines your body by activating major muscle groups, including the core, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.


No need for tap shoes!

While traditional tap dancing requires tap shoes, TAPfit has introduced a patented tap technology 'TAP attachments’ that simply slip over your existing training shoes.  All equipment including the TAP attachments, a non-slip rollable TAPfit mat, which protects the floors and a TAPfit resistant toner which works your arms and upper body are provided for you to use in class.  

Basic tap terminology

Heel drop - lift heel off the ground by bending the knee & drop the heel down to the floor

Ball dig - dig the ball of the foot into the floor

Step - transfer of weight from the ball of one foot to the other

Touch - tap/touch the ball of the foot to the floor without transferring weight

Step heel - transfer of weight from one foot to another, drop the heel of the same foot to the floor

Ballchange - two steps transferring weight from the ball of one foot to the ball of the other foot

Spring - transfer for weight, spring and land on the ball of the other foot

Brush - swing/brush foot hitting only the ball tap on the floor

Shuffle – forward and backward brush

Shuffle ball heel - forward brush, backward brush, ball dig, heel drop

Slap – forward brush and a step forward transferring weight

Backslap – backward brush and a step backwards

Stamp – a heavy flat footed sound with a transfer of weight

Stomp - a heavy flat footed sound without transferring your weight

Nerve beat – tap the ball of the foot to the floor and lift

Cramp roll - ball dig, ball dig, heel drop, heel drop (4 sounds)

Pickup - lift up ball of the foot and beat the ball of the foot where the heel was resting


When and Why was TAPfit Developed?

In 2012 four sisters from Queensland who represented Australia in the 2009 World Tap Dancing Championships discovered that their fathers business acquaintance Richard Larne’s eight year old daughter could not join a dance school because of her cerebral palsy diagnosis, so the girls offered volunteered to teach Breanna.

Classified as high-functioning, Breanna’s right arm and leg were most affected by the disease’s characteristic impaired muscle co-ordination.  Saturday mornings of that year were spent in the Larne’s carport teaching Breanna to tap dance which changed all their lives. Breanna's toe taps and heel digs are now as sharp as ever.

That was the light bulb moment which motivated the sisters to create a program which made tap dancing accessible to all people interested in learning regardless of their physical ability. The TAPfit program was then developed over a three year period alongside a team of medical, diet and exercise professionals.


TAPfit Recognition, Awards and Beyond

2016 was a massive year for the TAPfit creators with instructors being appointed in London, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Sweden and Australia.

Many television appearances were made including Hollywood Today, Hallmarks Home and Family, Good Day LA and The Morning Show Australia.  Many articles have also appeared in press including Women's Health Australia, Elle Magazine and Jetsar Magazine to name a few.

The highlight of 2016 though was when the TAPfit creators were recognised as finalists in the 2016 The Stevie Awards.  They were honoured to take out The Gold Stevie Award for 'Exceptional Women in Business'.  

2017 was an exciting year for the TAPfit creators who ventured to the USA to explore new opportunities with the aim to take TAPfit to a whole new level!  

In 2018 we are getting ready to feel the rhythm, dance, get fit and have an absolute blast with new dances from celebrity choreographers who have danced with Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus! Don’t just dance TO the beat, BE the beat in 2018 with TAPfit.